Conversion Rate Optimization Resources: Books, Videos, Worksheets & More

This page features a variety of free learning resources I’m sharing. They’re mostly focused on conversion rate optimization, usability, and web analytics. You’ll also find some SEO and social resources here because that’s what my focus was on when I ran my previous company, SEO ROI.

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Conversion Optimization Resources In Detail:

My talk at Magento Live

My talk at Magento Live

How To Maintain Your Conversion Rate While Going Through A Site Redesign – Video from Magento Live (~30 minutes) – Level: All

Find out:

  • What are the right and wrong reasons to redesign
  • How two big sites got things dramatically wrong and lost 30% – 50% of their sales overnight
  • What the process is for getting this right
  • How I doubled conversion for a manufacturer using this process

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Mobile Checkout WorksheetMobile Checkout Worksheet – Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Is your mobile traffic not converting quite at the same level as desktop?

Self-assess your mobile checkout with this user-friendly worksheet and find easy to implement solutions for your next round(s) of a/b testing and ensure your visitors go all the way through the cart and don’t abandon!

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Whitepaper: How To Save 70% Off Remote Usability Testing – 6 pages – Level: All
Usability testing explains all the mysterious data in your web analytics, giving you valuable insights to improve your conversion rate. Why are visitors from one channel converting better than visitors from another? Usability testing answers those questions and more.

Unfortunately, until recently, it was expensive to do usability testing, costing in the thousands annually for companies that had the good habit of testing their sites regularly. Here’s a solution to save up to 70% on user testing yet still get super results.

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Video for SMX Israel’s prestigious Give It Up panel where expert internet marketers share new ideas – Crowdsourcing Your Marketing – 15 minutes – Level: Advanced

crowdsourceI shared various tips for using Amazon Mechanical Turk and other tools. Some of the things you can do:

– Find users to interview who are representative of your target audience and thus build personas for market research.

– Generate quality content – real reviews; amateur pictures and video with captions, tags and transscriptions; social media accounts and comments and forum contributions

– Build relationships for the sake of link building or social media marketing, without you doing the tedious manual work. Yay Amazon Turkers!

– Crowdsource high quality data analysis that finds insights in your data.

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Blog Design for ROI – 8 Videos, 10 Minutes/Video – Level: Beginner – Intermediate (Coming soon)

While it may surprise you, blog design is not firstly about making a collection of text beautiful. Form follows function, and therefore blog design is really supposed to help your blog achieve its goals. In particular, these include drawing traffic, generating email subscribers, getting first time visitors acquainted and have them read more than a single blog post and sharing your posts on blogs and social media.

If you want to design blogs that help businesses build their bottom line, or even just be informed to create a better requirements doc for your designer, this is the video course for you.

Steal My Customer Research Secrets And Stop Wasting PPC Budget Testing Everything – Test Only What Matters – Whitepaper & Video

customer research secrets whitepaper In this presentation at Lean Tel Aviv and associated whitepaper, I shared my experience with using market research methods from the lean startup school of thought. The usefulness for PPC marketers and conversion rate optimizers is clear: understand your audience and stop wasting ad budget testing every idea you have. Instead, focus on testing things that your customers care about so that you increase your conversion rate!

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