How Did One SaaS Co. Cut Trial-to-Paid Conversion Time From 43 Days To 3 Days?

In this interview with SaaS and conversion rate optimization expert Lincoln Murphy (Twitter, LinkedIn) of Sixteen Ventures, Lincoln shared 3 fascinating case studies as well as some great insights into how he thinks about helping SaaS customers get value from the software, with research into value events or milestones, getting free trials off on the right step and more.

In particular, Lincoln shares a case study that has great relevance to lots of SaaS companies: how to reduce the time free trial customers take to convert to paid customers. The SaaS company he helped had a 30 day free trial… and on average that still didn’t suffice. People bought only 13 days after the end of the free trial, 43 days after signup! He helped them change their onboarding and selling so that it went down to a mere 3 days. Watch the video to learn how he did it!

If you’re watching, you may be interested in conversion rate optimization services for SaaS, to maximize trials and paid conversions.

What are your favourite Saas techniques? Share in the comments :).

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