The following are testimonials covering both my work in CRO and SEO. I intend to add more testimonials pertaining to CRO soon.

William HarrisWilliam Harris, Elumynt:

Gab is one of the best CROs I’ve worked with.  I had a huge eCommerce project in 2015 and Gab was instrumental in helping us push sales to record levels – we recorded a 17% increase in transactions in just one month!

Dave DavisDave Davis, Red Fly Marketing:

“I’m notoriously poor at references so I’ll just give it to you as plain as I can. I worked with Gab a while back on a couple of link building campaigns. After spending a fortune developing a (failed) in-house team for the task and an even bigger fortune outsourcing to … less than reputable or skilled “link builders” in Aisa, I was incredibly weary. Gab has a stellar reputation in the SEO industry, is well liked and is well known to know what he’s talking about. We struck up a deal (which was an absolute steal in retrospect) for the campaign and despite his reputation, I had serious doubts that quality link building could be done at all.

Within days the links started coming in. Not just any links but heavy hitting, industry heavy hitter links. These links were not “dropped” links but in content, relevant and super authoritative. To this day, I have no idea how he did it. My best guess is that he used his reputation, combined that with what must be an astonishing amount of personal networking and combined that with what seemed like an astonishing amount of work to actually produce the content. The end result was a whole bunch of high quality, equity passing, in context links from relevant blog posts on authoritative and industry specific domains. As we speak, we are still ranking 1-3 in Google.ie for the keywords that Gab targeted (apart from a couple for which we don’t offer that particular service any longer). The majority of leads that we get to this day are a direct result of the work Gab did for us all that time ago.

Gab doesn’t know this but I found out a little later on that he had turned down a more worthwhile project in the middle of our campaign out of conflict of interest reasons. This speaks a lot towards his character and made me realize why his reputation is so respected.

Gab is also very well known in CRO space. In fact, I frequently reference his blog posts to clients when we’re looking to convince them to perform split testing and MV testing on their sites and they cannot see the value. If you’re trying to convince upper management to fund CRO, well, we use Gab indirectly so there’s probably no better person.

On top of his immense talent, he’s also just a damn nice guy. The only reason I can think of for Gab not running his own huge agency is that his primary love is getting his hands dirty at the coal face and actually getting the results that others try and sell. I’d rather someone who does something with passion and for the love of what they’re doing rather than because they see some sort of market to exploit. This is the trait that I actually look for when interviewing new hires to our agency. If they’re in it for the money, they’ll perform OK. If they’re in it because they’re more interested in the subject matter of the job than their own status, these are the unicorns in my world.”

Steve WiidemanSteve Wiideman, Wiideman Group:

“There’s no point in optimizing great content if users aren’t engaging with that content in ways that improve leads, sales or subscribers. Gab’s insights not only support long-term SEO efforts by reducing ‘return to Google’ rates, but also have an immediate impact on digital ROI and ROAS.”

Bonnie StefanickBonnie Stefanick, Internet Marketing Ninjas:

“I do a lot of coordinating, including managing of strategies and consulting at my agency portfoliowide – so timely and accurate deliverables are really important to me. Gab’s deliverables were always on time, and they were solid in terms of the quality of the work. Gab also has excellent soft skills – he is a great communicator both with members of our team internally and with clients.”