My Talks: Video & Slides

Here’s a selection of videos and slides from talks I’ve given. I’ve spoken at the following conferences and places, amongst others: SMX Israel, SMX West, SMX Advanced, Pubcon, Affiliate Summit, McGill University, Facebook Camp, private company training, webinars and more.

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The following videos and slides are in roughly reverse-chronological order, with some preference given to cooler items, like the 2009 video of my speech in front of an audience of around 400-500 advanced search marketers.

SMX Advanced Audience Footage

This video was used for years by SMX to promote their conferences. Guess who’s there with the caption, “The Speakers Were Good” ?


SMX Israel 2014, Give It Up panel – Experts reveal new tactics

In this presentation on SMX Israel’s prestigious Give It Up panel, I shared a slew of new tactics for crowdsourcing marketing, and in particular things that help conversion rate optimization, like customer interviews, usability testing, user generate content and survey and campaign analysis.

You can crowdsource:
— market research to better understand your audience and create personas representative of visitors,
— great content in the shape of amateur photos and video, and tagging and captioning of pics and transscription of the videos
— links by building relationships through content curation and blog commenting
— campaign analysis by uploading spreadsheets with your data and paying for insights into patterns between 2 or more elements.

I shared various tips for achieving the above using Amazon Mechanical Turk and other tools.

Filming: Eliyahu Speiser of .

Lean Startup Tel Aviv, 2014: How to research your market. Do this and you’ll reduce your startup’s risk 10x

This talk, generously hosted by Google Israel, covers my experience over a year and a half, applying learn startup methods of customer development. It focuses on problem interviews and customer research, in the goal of identifying my audience’s pains (aka needs) and their demographics. I also show why alternative research methods are unreliable at best, a joke at worst.

SMX Advanced 2009: Keyword Artistry Panel

Not all keyword research requires tools. The human brain and conversation with fellow humans are some of the best tools.

CRO Webinar – 2012 – for illuminea, a web marketing agency here in Jerusalem

SphinnCon 2011: Delegating and Scaling Link Building

You can scale whitehat link building. Surprising? Sure. Fantasy? Not at all – this talk summed up my work over the previous year.

The Q&A for that same panel:

Advanced SEO’s Secret Principles – Circa 2012 – How To Think Creatively Like An Expert

Pubcon 2010: How to Convert SEO Traffic