How Did ConversionIQ Increase Conversion Rate 207% & Maximize Shareholder Value?

In this remarkable interview, conversion and sales expert Keith Hagen shares the exact methods that his company – Conversion IQ, part of Inflow ecommerce marketing agency – used to achieve outstanding results for clients! As a quick preview, ConversionIQ increased one ecommerce site’s conversion rate by 207% and a lead generation site in the solar panel industry by 75%, which increased the public company’s stock price to an all-time high – while competitors sales floundered!

If you guys are interested in some more thought leadership by Keith and gang, check out this free ebook they wrote on testing ecommerce properly! You’ll understand how to run ecommerce a/b tests better, for example by knowing ahead of time how long to run the test for and whether you should use your testing tool’s data or Google Analytics data.

The latter case is particularly interesting, as it shows the ROI potential for value-added investors like VCs, if their portfolio companies optimize their conversion rates. (See e.g. CRO services for SaaS.)

How To Understand Your Audience & Gain Massive Conversion Rate Increases
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