Increase Your Sales With Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting & Services

Are you or your client selling online (ecommerce or SaaS) or using your site to generate leads? Hire me to increase the percentage of your visitors who convert to buyers or leads, a service known as conversion rate optimization (CRO).

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How do my services increase your conversion rate?

I do this by making your site more persuasive, user-friendly and personally relevant to each visitor’s interests.

For example, rather than talk only about the combination of metals that go into a car’s frame (who cares?), I’d discuss the safety awards the car won, thanks to the unique metal mix. This is known as writing about benefits and features, as opposed to just features.

Some of my services are relevant to all, so I’ll list them first. You can find lead gen, ecommerce and SaaS specific services below.

  • Create a strategy doc, or audit, e.g. for mobile. I evaluate the site’s performance based on analytics, usability testing, speaking to customers, speaking to sales and support reps, and my own expert review. Then I create a report with suggestions on how to improve.
  • Set up a/b testing or multivariate testing software to split visitors between the new and old versions and measure the impact of changes, positive or negative.
  • Analyze results and act: If we measure a statistically significant increase in leads, ensure the winning page becomes the new default. If the change results in a statistically significant decrease in leads, revert to the previous version, analyze why the changes weren’t successful and try a new approach.
  • Report on test results, with explanations of results and next steps to test the accuracy of the explanations.
  • Research the market or segments of it, by speaking to BSM customers; reviewing sales and support emails; listening to call recordings; evaluating competitors’ campaigns etc. (I understand that you’re the first infrastructure fund in Israel, but there are other infrastructure funds elsewhere, and other stock/bond funds in Israel.)
  • Create mockups if you’d like someone else (for example, a web designer you like working with) to create landing pages for the site or other web collateral. Explain the details to your people.
  • Write sales copy (copy: jargon for sales texts) to help explain the unique benefits of your fund, so that people learn not only the features (reliable cash flows, low correlation to North American markets) but why those features benefit them (reduced risk).
  • Improve offline conversion: Review print ads, flyers, trade magazine ads, business cards, direct mail etc. for opportunities to apply lessons from the website. (Though we’re talking about a marketing campaign for the web, the principles are the same as they were a century ago. Only the technical details have changed.)
  • Create campaign- or ad-specific pages (“landing pages”): Suppose that you want to make a special offer to trade show attendees, where they can scan a code on their phone that loads your site. Instead of taking them to the homepage and making them find the right trade show page, we can create separate [mobile friendly] landing pages for particular campaigns. Likewise if you have something particular for your email/CRM campaigns.

Here’s how my conversion rate optimization services can help companies generating leads online (both calls and emails or form completions), as well as ecommerce companies and SaaS companies.

CRO services for lead generation
CRO services for ecommerce companies
CRO services for SaaS companies

To get a quote, email or call 1-802-321-0111.