SaaS Conversion Rate Optimization

In addition to my general consulting and services that are applicable to all businesses, I offer conversion rate optimization certain services specific to companies with a SaaS (Software As A Service) business model or marketing model.

To get a quote, email or call 1-802-321-0111.

I optimize the sales funnel for SaaS companies by doing the following:

  • Optimize pricing for profit and customer value by understanding what it is that customers sign up to your service to achieve, and adapting your tiers accordingly
  • Increase free trial conversion rate, aka user acquisition, by better explaining the value inherent in the trial and eliminating friction. Another simple but effective tactic is to increase trust e.g. by showing how many clients you have or well known clients who trust you, as well as by using media mentions and testimonials.
  • Increase free-to-paid conversion rate, aka user retention, by finding out your key value outcomes and then helping more trial users achieve these goals. We can also segment the trial users, because they probably come with different goals and needs
  • Speed up free-to-paid conversion with a thoughtful onboarding process and customer success support resources and representatives (internal or crowdsourced)
  • Decrease churn by finding out why subscribers are cancelling and finding solutions – standard or out-of-the-box – that work for your company
  • Convert the best clients – those that will get the most value, refer others and contribute to your team’s morale rather than dragging you down