Usability Blunders: Imprecise Suggestion In Search Bar

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Can you see what’s wrong with Listorious’ search bar?

Listorious insite search bar

It took me several long, frustrating minutes before I realized that the search bar wasn’t just for finding individuals…

It’s also for finding lists.

Which is what I went there for in the first place.

But if you just read what the search box says, you’d think that this site has a serious problem.

It’s made for finding Twitter lists… then provides no convenient means to find them. Instead, it’s bait-n-switching me to find individuals? Huh?

What happened was probably something like this…

“PSD-to-html converter: What do I put as the pre-fill suggestion text for the search bar?
Listorious: Oh, you know… Our business is connecting people to experts on Twitter. That can be people in lists, individuals whatever.
PSD to html guy: OK then. *Thinks of lowest common denominator.* *Types: ‘Find experts on Twitter.’ * “

But people – like me – will think, “WTF? Where’s the search bar for lists?” I only figured this out because I’m a web geek and imagined what happened in Listorious’ site dev process.

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