Tying Adwords Into Analytics

Author: Gab Goldenberg

(We’re continuing our SphinnCon deadblogging, this time with coverage of the web analytics panel. Previously we’d been discussing analytics with a internal search case study from Adi Reguev, and PPC with material from Naomi Sela on the content network, ad writing and split testing with Ophir Cohen and Dan Perach, and mixed link building / ppc notes from my panel/ Dan Sumeruck.)

Michal Neufeld – Google Analytics – Tying Adwords Into Analytics

Some pros of tying the two together:
– Understand the whole funnel, from search to site exit
– Instant and granular view of ROI on AdWords
o This enables optimizing to profitability
– Uniform goal language between the two systems.
[Seems like a feature to me and not a benefit, and I can’t remember why she brought this up. Honestly, I had trouble following because she went through her preso incredibly fast.]


Visitors, clicks, impressions, CTR, cost and ad position are all visible in one report.
Likewise for PPC (did she say CPC?) ROI and margin – they’re all available by integrating AdWords and GAnalytics, which enables optimization.
[Again, I don’t know what this has to do with a funnel. Sorry!]

Tip: Watch % of new visits from a given keyword.

This helps with decisions on when not to kill keywords with a longer latency or that are higher in the funnel. [This also helps Google draw more money out from you while you’re waiting for enough data to decide. ;)].

Another You can also use this information to adapt the call-to-action (CTA) to something that would evoke more response earlier in the buying process. E.g. ‘Download a free guide’ instead of ‘buy now.’

I wanted to ask, but didn’t get to in the end:
1) “What patterns or types of keywords they see showing these greater latencies?”
2) “What CTAs work early in the process?”

I imagine that head terms (eg ‘glasses,’ ‘cars,’ ‘movie’) show more latency, but I’d have really liked to hear about other patterns in the data as to what keywords show greater latency and what CTAs work better early. I get that you can call for action besides ‘buy now,’ but there’s a range of soft possibilities out there from free, unrestricted dowloads to trying out an online app to email squeeze pages etc.

Another tip Michal gave was that you can position your ads better when you integrate GA to AdWords, by seeing metrics like time on site, bounce rate and so forth by position. This data is available from the Position Performance Report.

I apologize to Michal for giving a half-assed account of what was a much more detailed, intelligent presentation. It was just very difficult following her at the pace she was going, especially with my pen and paper!

Daniel Waisberg – Easynet SEM – Behavioral Targeting & SEM

Tip 1: Use dynamic banners that will match the numerous keywords sending traffic to your homepage.

[I think he meant dynamic hero graphics/flash-animated featured-content areas, which are frequently dead center at the top of the active window.] Excellent tip imho, given the wide range of keywords typically sending traffic to a homepage.

Daniel next gave a few lists of tools, but he, like Michal, went too quickly for me to write it all down. Some paid tools he listed: Amadesa, SiteBrand, Test & Target (Omniture). Some free tools: BT Buckets and Google Analytics.

BT & GA can work together to create/adapt buckets. It hacks GA & gives you additional special reports.

What’s in it for me?

1) My notes ambiguously read: “Hard to find brain power + many pieces of code.” I’m not sure if that’s a reference to trying to build your own or a con that people should be aware of regarding installation.
2) Cross selling opportunity is offered by behavioral targeting, where you’d offer a firewall to an antivirus purchaser, for example.

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