Shows Toys’R’Us Are Domain Name Geniuses (Update: Domain Name Goofs)

Author: Gab Goldenberg
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Attribution-NonCommercial License by Patrick Q Toys’R’Us just bought for $5.1 million. And it was a genius domain name buy, too. Here’s why.

Well, look at the keyword ‘toys’. ranks right up there in position 4. That gets you about 6% of visitors, guessing from memory of the AOL leaked data on clickthrough rates for top spots?

Adwords indicates 24,900,000 monthly searches for toys. Multiply by 6% and then by 12 months.

The value of ranking fourth on the keyword toys is 17 928 000 annual visitors.

But wait! Some of those visits are international, where probably won’t rank, right? Fair enough. Let’s compare numbers with AdWords daily clickthrough estimator. On Toys without geographic targeting, you’d get from 33K to 41K clicks a day. On Toys set to US geotargeting, you get 20K to 25K. So conservatively you still have 1/2 to 2/3 of the traffic being American.

OK, fine! The value of ranking fourth on the keyword toys is only 9 000 000 annual visitors.

The traffic is worth about $1/click to ad publishers, and likely more in earnings per click to folks like Toys’R’Us, otherwise neither them nor their competitors would buy the ad inventory!

But that’s still not all for –  that’s a generic keyword domain, notice. So they’ve got type-in traffic (probably another few hundred a day, say 300 to be conservative – e.g. another 100 000 visitors annually). Plus there’s people Googling for another few hundred thousand in annual visitors.

And of course I’m not addressing the random mid-tail/longtail traffic a domain name like that will pick up with even moderate SEO.

If you’re Toys’R’US CMO, give your domaining team a pat on the back and send them to a sunny beach for a few weeks. Assuming you maintain the search rankings and don’t squander them, that team just made you a pile of money.

UPDATE: That assumption was faulty. Domain Name Wire reports that the rankings are gone. D’Oh!

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  1. Except now that has been de-indexed by Google because the domain is forwarded to not so smart! read more here : That’s just goes to show every company should have a Domainer or Seo person on board to avoid these kind of issues. Simply amazes me that a company with there buying power and they acquire such a great name to just simply let it fall out of google.

    Comment by Stephen - March 21, 2009 @ 5:47pm
  2. Wow that blows. I've seen that personally with domains of mine, but losing that Google traffic just made the domain a big loss. The right thing to do was turn that into site #2 and dominate the SERPs... This is where ToysRUs have gotta be saying, to quote a great modern sage, "D'Oh!" Also, thanks a bunch for the update dude. You have any site of your own I can link to for the quality comment?

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - March 21, 2009 @ 8:36pm
  3. Google often resets rankings now. When acquiring a site, never touch your whois info, other than dns.

    Comment by reactorr - May 11, 2009 @ 4:32pm
  4. SEO ROI tool...

    Comment by James - May 25, 2009 @ 4:11pm

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