Don’t Wait Until The Redesign!

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Clients or leads with bad websites often acknowledge the problem but say that they’re redesigning anyways, so why implement conversion rate optimization work now when it will only last until the redesign?

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Here’s a secret. That redesign? It’s coming, sure… it’ll be here around the time we achieve world peace. Or maybe a few days later, because the designer – unlike world peace – needs coffee breaks.

The reality is that web redesign projects are virtually never delivered on time. They suffer from many causes of delay, some of which include:

  • while-we’re-at-it-itis: the propensity to toss in everything but the kitchen sink in the redesign, since all those extra features will each just take a few minutes to do and certainly won’t need to be tested for bugs
  • budget shortfall: big briefs and little budgets make websites sad
  • we-didn’t-really-know-what-we-got-ourselves-into-itis: the desire to close the deal commonly leads programmers, web shops and others to promise the world without understanding the true scope of the work. Sure we can duplicate for ya!
  • HIPPOs: HIPPO stands for Highest Paid Person’s Opinion and it’s one of the biggest time wasters and argument generators. These people often “know best” – after all, they started the business in 1999 so they’re still the expert in 2012.
  • Design by committee: Having to please everyone not only creates aweful sites, but it also takes longer
  • Knowledge-enough-to-be-dangerous-participants: They read some articles and sold their services to consult on the project, and now they’re trying to justify their fees. Problem is… those fees can’t be justified. But you’ll have to handhold them and teach them stuff from scratch and want to blow your brains out 10 times along the way.

So that redesign that’s 2 months away from launch? Double that.

What about the cost of lost revenue?

Calculate the revenue you’re losing per month. A 15% conversion rate lift is easily achieved, so if you’re doing say 100 conversions a month, you’re losing 15 conversions in your first month delay!

Q: If your new site goes live in 4 months, does that mean you’re losing 60 (4 months x 15 conversions) conversions in that time?
A: No, you’re actually losing more!

– You’re losing the repeat sales from those people, regardless of whether those sales would come in the next 4 months or not.
– You’re losing the added conversions of further rounds of testing. It goes without saying that in 4 months, you can run multiple tests. And that means compounding interest.

Month Conversions/month Extra conversions from CRO 15% lift per month
0 100 100 x 1.15=
1 115 15 115 x 1.15
2 132 32 132 x 1.15
3 152 52 152
Total 499 99

Without even counting repeat sales, from conversion rate optimization alone you would get an extra 99 conversions! That’s like you just made your year 1 month longer! Who said there were only 24 hours in a day?

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