SEO FAQ: Why Is Search Tied To ROI?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

A reader from Singapour asked this to Google and then came to my blog: “Why is search tied to ROI?” ROI means return on investment, an essential business “metric,” or “measurement standard.” The answer to why search marketing is tied to ROI is in the full post (click read more for access).

Good question. The answer is that people want measurable results so that they can try to improve (aka testing) and then see if their effort was succesful. If you can’t measure, you’re wasting your money investing into search marketing, because you’ll

a – Never know if search is working or not.
b – Never know what technique, keywords, or campaign is providing a positive ROI and what is providing a negative ROI.
c – Never be able to improve your efforts/results nor duplicate them. My dad did a very succesful direct mail campaign, had no offline analytics to measure why it worked and has since been unable to replicate the same level of success.

As a starting point, you should try out Conversion Ruler, Sitemeter and Google Analytics – they’re all cheap or free web analytics solutions that can get you started measuring your efforts.

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