Scratchpad: Social Media Analytics, WP Plugins & Google’s Display Ad Strategy

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Those of you familiar with my scratchpad articles know that this is informal, braindump writing.

Yes, the formatting and grammar sucks and it’s in note form.

But the substance will kick your ass across the Channel, Matilda.


Wayne Liew explained that he’s now more focused on using Twitter to build relationships. He noticed a sub 1% CTR on his links, which lead him partly to realize that his follower count was pretty meaningless. It’s engaged followers that matter.

To the same effect, a recent blog post about tweeting = speaking in a void:

It’s unsurprising then that TwitterBFFs (Best Friends Forever) recently came out, showing who you tweet with most. I expect that within 18 months, we’ll have the first true social media analytics.


“Always be selling” doesn’t mean always be asking 4 the sale. Depends where u are in the funnel.

Socializing, mentioning what u do=selling

Hence Tweeting can = selling. And hence the need for true social media analytics.

These will take TwitterBFFs type technology and help you measure the strength of your relationships and need for followup.


Based on some WordPress and Ecommerce SEO strategy I shared, I had a new plugin idea.

Make a plugin that takes selected posts and copies their content into another post, 301s the selected posts URLs, and adds a table of contents and subheaders with the appropriate titles.
You end up with
– an authoritative, in-depth topic page a la Wikipedia; aka linkbait
– more content combinations for SEs to send you longtail traffic on,
– linkjuice being more concentrated in fewer pages, so you rank better as explained here

Another plugin idea: Integrate commenting with facebook and add a little ‘3 Benefits of registering’ box – see wireframe sent to indians


Google’s Display Ad Strategy – From The Horse’s Mouth

Notes on this.
Majority of publishers in Google Content have opted into running display ads; majority are serving those, not text ads. Unclear if by choice or based on yield optimization.

Need to watch the whole thing…


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