Scratchpad: Email Link Exchange Spam That Isn’t Spam & Real Links

Author: Gab Goldenberg

First, I present to you this amusing little email:

from seo expert <>
date Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 8:04 AM
subject Obligation

hide details 8:04 AM (4 hours ago)


Hi there,

Thank you for taking time to read this email.

We provide high quality graphic design service like Web design, banner design, logo design and web development at a very low cost.

If you are interested, we are willing to Exchange link with you for our mutual benefit.

Please do not hesitate to contact for further inquiries.

Thanks and Best Regards
Link Department

We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. We are sending this mail with sole intention of link exchange for mutual benefit. If you are not interested in Link Exchange then you can reply simply “NO”, we will never contact you again.

Second, I’d like to share some genuine link love with people who’ve produced good content or have some points that deserve your attention.

1) Uber Aff has made some great posts, some of which are unfortunately buried in archives. Today’s post on how much to spend is a good place to start, then here’s something for those who are interested in blackhat PPC, how to contact human support at AdWords is another great one, and then this video Q&A just made me burst out laughing.

2) Daniel, a bright and friendly Sitepointer, has this very nice blog on building trust and credibility.

3) Quadszilla has an explanation on how to daisy chain your Diggs and gain more social success.

4) This is a year old, but imho, still very true and still very fresh: Crowd Clout aka collective purchasing power.

5) Besides trolls, there’s a much darker face to Web 2.0 and social media. Read antisemitism in web 2.0 and social media to find out more. On a related note, please do link to Jew Tube and to this Jew. If you’re wondering why I’m doing that, read this: Google’s explanation of why the antisemitic Jew Watch ranks for “Jew”.

6) For those of you interested in outsourcing tech overseas, Israel has some of the best IT labour in the world. Thus have a look at Launchpad Israel’s relaunch. On the more strictly search marketing side of things, that link right there takes you to my friend Omer Shoval’s Israeli search marketing company. If you’re in the job market, you can check out these Israeli SEO Jobs (in Hebrew).

7) This one is new to me, but not new generally: How Google Emulates the Las Vegas Casinos in Trying to Control The Web’s Rules. John Andrews is a bright guy, and that’s a cutting indictment!

8) I’d like to point out to you that from now on, you can find all my blog posts at, while the best ones will be reserved for the front page. That was the original intention, but my original developer never got around to doing that (although the other stuff he programmed works pretty well).

p.s. Coming soon: My interview with Barbara Ling, a veteran webmaster, as well as some affiliate marketing posts that compare networks by an objective criteria and help you decide who to sign up with.

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  1. well, i could say that this email is just showing that there intentions is true, theres a lot of spam messages that I received everyday, and I don't read them i just buried them on my trash. :)

    Comment by amelia - April 2, 2008 @ 10:37pm
  2. Haha yeah Amelia, their intentions are pure and innocent. Same way they got my email address - pure and innocent ;).

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - April 7, 2008 @ 12:03pm
  3. (I'm not laughing at you but with you, by the way :) ).

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - April 7, 2008 @ 12:03pm
  4. You are right it's a great way to contact and still not dealing in spam. mainly what we all looking for is a relavent link and not just any link.

    Comment by ????? ????? - December 3, 2008 @ 4:06am
  5. I tried an experiment once where I daisy chained a few dozen links together and within 2 weeks or so, the site I tested this on fell in Google rankings. Did not try that again!

    Comment by GDI - March 6, 2010 @ 12:11am

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