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Author: Gab Goldenberg

Thanks for pausing your Facebooking for a second! Read on to see how you can earn a few hundred bucks by referring businessmen (and women) to me for SEO services.

Gabriel Goldenberg
My name’s Gab Goldenberg, and I provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to businesses. I’m asking you to refer businessmen in your entourage – friends, family, even casual acquaintances – to me. Whenever a businessman you referred to me signs a contract with me, you’ll earn a commission.

I’m offering

1. 25% commission for every hourly consultation signed with me. At a current rate of $200/hr, that’s $50 for you.
2. 10% commission for every contract signed with me worth $3000+. That’s $300 to $1000 for you.
3. If you regularly refer new clients, we can negotiate higher commissions and a salary.

You get paid as soon as the businessman has given me the [cash or cheque] deposit for the contract.
I can pay you in cash (in person), by cheque or through Paypal – whichever you prefer.

So what are you referring people to me for?

You’re referring them to me for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. SEO is a form of marketing that attracts search engine users to a website. When you search for something on Google or Yahoo, you look at the first 10 results, right? Not #48 or even #33? I optimize websites for them to rank in those top 10 results for their keywords. For example, if you owned a club in Montreal, I’d get you ranking at the top for “Montreal nightclub” and similar searches.

My services go beyond attracting traffic, though. For most SEOs, the job description is to achieve rankings, and hopefully attract traffic. I want my clients to make money, not just have a lot of traffic (which explains the name of my company – SEO ROI – SEO Return On Investment), so I also optimize the website’s text and design to generate leads or sales.

A restaurant owner who worked with me would get people making reservations (with a deposit) through his website. The nightclub owner in the previous example would get people reserving VIP lounges and bottles.

You’re probably thinking “OK, that sounds good… but …

How do I know who referred me the client?

Underlying that question is the doubt that

  1. I could try and stiff you for the commission, or that
  2. The client will forget exactly who referred them, or will forget altogether that they were referred, or that
  3. Something else will go wrong along the way, and you won’t get paid.

Well, let me address each of those concerns in turn.

  1. I wouldn’t try to stiff you because for the one-time savings of a commission, I’m losing future referrals you might send me. Also, you would probably tell your friends and I’d get a bad reputation in your circle, preventing other potential referrals from them. It’s not worth a few hundred bucks to lose future contracts that will mostly be worth a few thousand each.
  2. First of all, clients that get referred to me (as opposed to me going out myself to try and sell them) have an incentive to remember that they got referred: 10% off all services they order in their first year with me. They just need to say that they were referred by someone.
    Second, I always ask my clients if they were referred to me through someone, and if so, I try and jog their memory of who it was.
    Third, you’re welcome to call me (514-483-2535) or email me ( and ask whether so-and-so signed a contract with me, because you referred them. Even if in the end I’m not 100% sure you referred them to me, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and the commission. See #1 above for why I do that.
  3. Like I said in #2, if you say that you referred someone to me, I trust you and take your word for it. You’ll get the commission.

SEO ROI - Leaders Demand Results logo Good? Ready to get started?

For humans, kindly ignore the following.
Etnaidute :
: Etnaidute.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, either email me ( or leave a comment in the area below with your

  • Full name
  • Phone number, including area code or
  • Email

Second, go ahead and start referring businessmen to me! Ask people you know (or meet) whether their business has a website (if they don’t, I can help them create one) and how it’s being marketed. Once they’ve explained their website status to you, you can mention that you know a guy who does SEO that helps businesses generate leads and sales through their sites. You explain what SEO is (the same way I did above: “Nobody checks out #48 right? So you need to be top 10. Well, this guy gets you top 10…”) and give them my website, phone or email etc.

Note: It’s important to really listen and pay attention to what they’re saying, when they talk to you and especially when they explain their website, because otherwise they won’t care what you have to say either.

To help you out…

    • I’ll soon be posting downloadable-and-printable files of my business cards to this site. You can print them on an ordinary printer with either regular paper or “business card” paper (a kind of rigid cardboard) that you buy at Bureau en Gros (printers can also print on this special paper).
    • Also, I’ll be posting a video describing my services that you can show potential clients so that they know they’re dealing with a pro.
    • You can learn more about my services so that you can answer some of the potential client’s basic questions and be more convincing. Check out my “What is Search Engine Optimization” and “SEO Consulting Services” pages for starters. Then you can look at some of the results I’ve achieved for clients and for myself, and obviously the About SEO ROI page isn’t a bad one to check out either…

So go ahead! Email me with your name and phone number or leave a comment below with that information. You can also leave the name of a person you think would be interested and their phone number/email.

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  1. nice way to market !

    Comment by nicolask7 - October 19, 2007 @ 4:26pm
  2. Do work on a profit share basis?

    Comment by Lars - November 7, 2007 @ 8:57pm

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