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Author: Gab Goldenberg

Some of you might have noticed that I recently picked up and as clients. Well, for any of you interested in working with me and with the other great people here, I have good news:’s recruiting SEO experts, SEM specialists, analytics smartiepants, and web developers / coders / programmers (particularly if you’ve done ecommerce work before)! If you’re looking for a job in search marketing and/or analytics, write to Shmuel at ice, or send me your cv/cover letter and I’ll forward them.

Update: In response to some questions – the work requires people to be in Montreal, Canada. There may be monetary assistance for you to move (emphasis on may because I don’t know), but the bottom line is that wants people working in their physical offices. As to the job being full/part-time, I’ll ask and update. I’d lean towards saying it’s full time work though.

In addition, the company (I can’t say we since I’m a consultant to, not an employee), is recruiting students for data-entry work to begin July 1st. You don’t need much prior qualification besides the ability to take

Some reasons you’ll like working in search marketing at

– Competitive salaries with what you’d find at an agency or doing your own consulting

– Original challenges. For example, as part of an update to a new software package, I had to figure out the right mathematical formula to calculate the number of pages we’d end up with. Earlier I was working on auditing the site’s SEO and I’m hoping to work on some initiatives of my own soon.

– Learn from working with cream of the crop vendors and software. I’ve had the opportunity to look at SEM campaigns set up by Range Online Media and Did It, and the analytics jobs get to play with Rolls Royce toys in Omniture analytics and Visual Sciences analytics. You will become a better search marketer/analyst working here.

– Work with multidisciplinary teams and touch on stuff outside of your job in seo/sem. For instance, I was working with our affiliate management team in regards to affiliates bidding on branded terms and using as their display URL.

– Friendly and accessible management. The CEO works smack in the middle of everyone else, and both he and the other top management are no more than 20 seconds away from anyone’s desk. If you have an idea to implement or a concern, it’s easy to bring it up with them, not to mention that they’re very open to suggestions and quick learners.

– Dental and health insurance.

– Jewish holidays off (the owners are Jewish) even if you’re not Jewish.

– Free bagels.

Contact shmuel at ice or write me, gab at this domain.

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  1. Congrats, Gab! Ice is an awesome ecommerce site that is really forward thinking in social media marketing, so I'm sure you'll really enjoy this project. Does this mean you'll be blogging more about ecommerce-focused SEO? (Fingers crossed!)

    Comment by Linda Bustos - June 14, 2008 @ 6:10pm
  2. It's not clear is this full-time job opportunity only? Or would they accept brainstorming input from half way around the world?

    Comment by Vladimir Prelovac - June 15, 2008 @ 3:09pm
  3. I am interested in working as a web developer.Please send me details. Thanks Radhika

    Comment by Radhika - July 31, 2008 @ 10:52am

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