Quick Tip To Reduce Email Unsubscribes In Aweber

Author: Gab Goldenberg

If you’re using both an autoresponder series of emails as well as “broadcast” messages that go out with no regard to sequence, you run the risk of annoying people with too-frequent emails.

For example, if you have an autoresponder series that sends emails every 3 days, then broadcast on top of that, someone could literally have just gotten an autoresponder when they get your broadcast. I just found that out the hard way with someone who got my free chapter telling me that they unsubscribed because the email prior to my broadcast today was sent 90 minutes earlier!

What Is Email Segmentation?

Email segmentation is the process of dividing your list of subscribers into groups, for the purpose of providing a better user experience to them.

The better experience comes as a result of personalization efforts. For example, you might email all people who signed up to a soccer newsletter and said they’re strikers (attackers) with tips on shooting more accurately. Others who stated a different position would get different tips.


The solution is to segment your email list. In Aweber, you go to Subscribers > Search Subscribers. Then look for subscribers with whom the last followup date was 2+ days ago.

Aweber email last follow up date on or before april 20

Aweber allows you powerful segmentation including by the date you last sent a followup email.

The problem with this kind of segmenting is that it always needs updating, because Aweber makes you pick a specific date. You can’t set the “Last Followup” field to “2+ days ago,” you need to set it to “On or Before” “April 20, 2012,” for example (I’m writing this April 23, 2012).

The result is that in the future, subscribers who have been recently added will be excluded by this segment – EVEN IF they have gotten the whole series of autoresponders over a month ago! Imagine we’re in June, and someone got all the autoresponder emails by May 15th. I can email them again without being annoying, but my above-saved segment would exclude them.

So the conclusion is that you need to save the segment with a name that tells you exactly how it’s set: “Last followup on or before {insert precise date}.” That way, next time you need to broadcast, you’ll be reminded to update the segment before sending to it.

Kudos to Joel Chudleigh from DeepFootprints.co.uk for forcing me to improve :), and to Aweber for generally making great software despite my occasional quibbles.

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