Pubcon Lessons From Day 1

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Geocities – good for swiping content (Black Hats) and for getting links by telling people Geocities is gone but you’ve got similar material on your site.

Point of difference can be selling the same product to a dif audience. Great case study by‘s Jerry West on selling ladders to women. Rae also pointed out you can do that with podcasts and video (eg type of content), personality, tools and user reviews.

To get reviews, Rae‘s company started by seeding 1-2 reviews from other sites, and then deleting those once they got their own original ones. They also get reviews on products they’re not affiliates for. That gets CPM, adsense and [competing-product] affiliate monetization.

Whole bunch of other goodies. Brett Tabke’s presentation in the morning on how Pubcon used Twitter for WOM marketing was pure genius. Also it’s amazing they spent $65,000 over 4 years with loads of experts and couldn’t track sales from that. I think Danny Sullivan’s had similar experience, if I recall right.

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p.s. Sorry for slow posting this week – it’s harder when you’re out of town.

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