Mousavi, Musavi, Mosavi was the projected winner of Iran's election for President of the Republic of Iran.

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However you choose to spell it - or rather in light of the different ways people spell it - Google Trends data (screenshots below) shows that Mousavi had more support than Ahmadinejad.

The figures reflect search volume numbers in Tehran, since Google was generally lacking data closer to the date of the election. Older data is less valuable since Mousavi's campaign only picked up steam as time went on.

The following charts show that Mirhosayn Mousavi's name was searched more frequently than that of his rival, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Individually, each version of Mousavi was searched less, but the two most popular variations together show greater search volume than for Ahmadinejad. The difference is even greater if you add in 'Mosavi', the third most popular way to spell the name.

One of the most valuable keywords for Barack Obama's presidential campaign was, unsurprisingly, "Barack Obama." Ditto "Obama." These keywords generated loads of donations for the campaign, according to Obama's Google ad campaign manager, Jeffrey Lane.

Similarly, Malcolm Coles has pointed out how Google Trends foresaw the BNP wins for the European Parliament.

In other words, search volume for a candidate's name reflects their popularity and support levels. The same way people that brand-loyal consumers might search for a brand name, politicians' supporters look up their names on Google.

The first image, with the cursor aligned to June 4th, was the peak of Ahmadinejad and Mousavi's popularity.
While Ahmadinejad had marginally more searches for his name than for Mousavi, because Mousavi's name has different spellings, he already had more support [in the aggregate] even on June 4.

Mousavi was already ahead of Ahmadinejad in the aggregate on June 4, 144-100.

The second image shows a "panned-out" view of the past 90 days, reflecting how Mousavi's campaign picked up speed in June. What is notable is that at the date of Iran's elections, Mousavi - the main spelling alone - had equal or greater support than Ahmadinejad.

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