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Author: Gab Goldenberg

1) Interesting fact: You can get 1 listing per practitioner (defined by separate phone numbers) and 1 per office, according to Google’s TOS.

How about getting your restaurants multiple lines for each chef? Or as suggested at the show, for each librarian in your book store ;).

The question, for those of you with your critical thinking hats on, is whether Google’s limiting this to ‘service’ businesses or whether physical product businesses can get in on the action too.

2) Some popular modifiers are nearby streets and locations. No surprise to me personally as I’ve been spying out competitors’ keywords.

2.2) Add city and street to title tags.

3) Discounts offer an extra line on your listing. In other words, offer a deal to boost your CTR. It’s a traditional question business owners need to test and measure – how much margin can you trade for greater volume?

4) Hcards take 10 minutes to set up and are apparently now a ranking factor. For those wondering about the jargon, hcards are a microformat; in this case, it’s just a way of formatting your address data on your own site.

5) Co-citation of your site in a review along with a targeted keyword helps you rank higher.

6) List everywhere – there are tons of review sites.

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