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Author: Gab Goldenberg

(We’re continuing our SphinnCon deadblogging, this time with coverage of the web analytics panel. Previously we’d been discussing PPC with material from Naomi Sela on the content network, ad writing and split testing with Ophir Cohen and Dan Perach, and mixed link building / ppc notes from my panel/ Dan Sumeruck.)

Adi Reguev – Go Internet Marketing – Internal Search

Some key questions…

  1. What/how much people are looking for [something].
  2. Does internal search answer your visitors’ questions?
  3. Can they find what they need easily?

Case Study: Travel

Site search [analytics data?] shows locations in a drop down. They monitored destinations people wanted to go to and especially the top cities of interest.
– They inferred from searches for two tickets that the person searching was part of a couple.
– Home page navigation was not reflecting people’s interests.
– They understood that there were seasonal variances in people’s choices of destination. Bangkok was big in winter, London in summer.
o But volume [of searches] does NOT tell the whole story!
o You need to compare the volume numbers to the ecommerce report.
o Why? Because though the volume of searches change, that doesn’t necessarily correlate to average order values (AOV). So items with low search volume were still valuable because the AOVs were higher.

What does this suggest in terms of changes to the site? Dynamic navigation or highlighting of navigational elements that adjusts to demand and AOVs.

Final tip: Don’t allow yourself to create reports with so many parameters that you end up overwhelmed. View fewer parameters, and make them actionable.

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