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Author: Gab Goldenberg

Here’s the dream team of folks that I outsource work to and recommend. Get in touch with them if you need search marketing services, be it SEO, PPC, reputation management, etc. You should also consider the editors working with me on Best of the Z List, who are a terrific bunch of experts.

So, why am I not taking any more business at the moment?

First, business is going well and I have a number of leads on the table whom I’m trying to close.

Second, regardless of whether or not I close those leads, a number of other projects are keeping me busy:

  • I’m preparing the launch of a new business, Original Monetization. On a related note, I’m hoping to finally learn affiliate marketing properly and become an expert at it.
  • My dad’s Dental Ce Seminars business needs to finally be optimized. My sister’s makeup site is also in the final stages of production.
  • A great team of editors have agreed to work with me on Best of the Z List, as I mentioned. Best of the Z List is a search marketing newsletter aimed at giving exposure to non-A-list search bloggers as well as helping A-list and non-A list SEOs find the signal in the search blogosphere’s noise. (See Rae’s rant, Jane’s complaint, and my take.) Here are just some of the A List bigshots who are subscribed and paying attention! FYI, the site is now live and taking submissions! Go get started already!

    Before someone comments, I did mean for this to be huge, because I wanted the Z List bit to stand out!

  • I’m back to school as a full time student and realize that this puts certain time constraints on me.

Third reading this interview with Tim Ferriss made me pause and realize that the one thing I enjoy most in life is writing and teaching others. I want to do more of that and less of the mundane, repetitive tasks involved in high quality link building, for example. I’m also working on getting some people I can just outsource that to.

If I know you and trust you and/or have done business with you, drop me a line and I’ll consider adding you to the SEO Dream Team. It’s pretty select though, and I don’t want to just add everyone I know, so please don’t be offended if I don’t add you. For those of you wanting SEO services or PPC management, check out the guys on that list and my fellow editors on Best of the Z List.

To my regular readers, I want you to know that the great content I promised recently is still coming, but as it requires research, I may/not have it just yet. I want to produce something you can really learn from and that I can be proud of. To non-regulars, now’s your chance to get my RSS feed and learn the good stuff before everyone else does and you’re stuck catching up, again!

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