How To Find Competitors’ Best PPC Ads

Author: Gab Goldenberg

If you could find out your competitors’ top converting ads when you enter a market, you’d save a lot of time optimizing campaigns, wouldn’t you?

It would be like knowing where the jelly is in a jelly donut – you’d bite right into the good stuff and skip the mostly-dough areas.

The principle that applies in this case is to look at the length of time an ad has been running. Duration is indicative of ad performance.

The problem is that when you search for a given keyword, you only get a snapshot in time of competitors’ ads. So you don’t know if what you’re seeing is tried-and-true copy that converts well or if it’s the flavor-of-the-month split test.

Spyfu Fortunately, SpyFu (aff) has two new products that enable late-comers to catch up quickly, and for serious optimizers to get premium competitive intelligence for instant inspiration.

SpyFu’s Ad History tools – Domain Ad History and Keyword Ad History – provide you with data on competitors’ copy going back 12 months.

Domain Ad History
focuses on a  single competitor’s keywords and copy for those keywords. It shows you changes over time. You can see if they keep returning to the same copy, and thus what is working best for them.

Keyword Ad Historyshows you all competitors’ ads for the past year – but on a single keyword. This way, you can quickly identify patterns between competitors’ copy on your primary head terms. Take your top 100 keywords, plug them in, and you’ll have a pretty good idea what benefits and what offers convert, and which don’t.

The bottom line is that that these tools let you learn from others’ mistakes, which saves you time and money on testing. For $59/month, the subscription is well worth it for anyone doing PPC!

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