Here’s Your Essential IM Reading This Month

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Web Pro News reports that Yahoo is modifying Bing search results, and discusses Bing serving ads on Yahoo.

Wayne Liew writes an excellent article on what the ideal strategy is for Twitter – and no, it isn’t mass following. The brilliance in this article is that it recognizes that social media is, first of all, a social tool.

Ian Lurie has a new, open-source script for fixing broken links on your site en masse.

Via SEO Smarty, here’s a new keyword research tool that mass-scrapes suggestions for you.

John McElborough shares some brilliant tactics to hide your backlink trail. I giggled out loud at some of it, it was that clever. Last guy who made me giggle like that was a certain shady character.

Alan Bleiweiss knocks it out the park with these tips on hiring an apprentice. Reminds me of something I saw via, Outsourced My Life.

Mr Green shares an interesting case study about FB ads and using two famous copywriters’ styles for inspiration. Here’s part 1 (hypothesis) and part 2 (results).

Long advocated by the likes of Diorex, exact match domains now have a study to prove that they boost CTR. Probably the simplest answer as to why Google boosts them in organic results, too.

A great item on longtail content types you can develop as an ecommerce affiliate.

I like that he emphasizes listening as a keyword research tactic. That was a big focus of my SMX Advanced 2009 preso, and the specific applications shared in that post are excellent. Combine that with crowd-sourcing your content (Mechanical Turk?) and you’ve got a winner…

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