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Author: Gab Goldenberg

Big ideas and food for thought:

How the social web is helping propagate racism: Online Antisemitism 2.0. “Social Antisemitism” on the “Social Web”

Seth’s Blog: Music lessons

Search geekery:

Adwords Support – Get It!

Note: It won’t be great, but you might still get minimal help. Requires the ability to read between the lines [of bs].

TypoHound – Find eBay Typos and Misspellings

Keywords with two meanings? Inconceivable! | SEO Woman

Project Wombat: the Difficult Reference Question Mailing List

Simple Block segmentation analysis • Tim Nash UK SEO Blog

Hiding the Sphinn Button When a Post Fails to Go Hot

SEOmoz | Does “Query Deserves Diversity” Algorithm Exist at Google?

YOUmoz | Bad Bots Confound Web Analytics By Executing Javascript Tags

Reputation management:

Avante Gardens: You Had Me at Hello – Cameron Olthuis

FTD.com Sucks – Cameron Olthuis

On a related note, I was chatting earlier tonight at Yulbiz with a webmaster called Nicolas who apparently ranked on Google.fr for things like ‘dictionnaire’ ‘synonyme’ and ‘cigarette’ . Anyways, this pro was happy that someone else was ranking for his last name as it drew attention away from him; he’d rather the competition not be able to find out about him. Also why he’s not on Facebook. Interesting approach I thought I’d share.

On being a value added affiliate, see these two (especially for SMX Advanced 😉 ):

Webcam Reviews

The Best Rate Guarantee Blog – Best Rate Guarantees, Free Hotel Rooms, and Other Travel Deals: Seattle

I’m working on a meatier post to release later this week or early next week. I’ve taken on Ice.com as a client for SEO work (have a look at their Pearl pendants or Diamond Rings and keep an eye out for an interview either here on in the Domaining press on the true story behind the acquisition of Diamond.com) and between that and current clients, am briefly swamped until I get some things sorted.

That said, I wrote what I think is a kickass post on email marketing for linkbait, and because I wrote yet another crummy title, Sphinn didn’t promote it to the front page (http://sphinn.com/story/47807 ) and for whatever reason Rebecca didn’t feel it was main blog worthy …

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