Four New Web & Productivity Social Networks For SMBs

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Here’s a look at 4 new platforms and why you should consider getting social on these networks.


For companies that blog regularly, Triberr is a great solution to get quality visitors to read your blog posts. Triberr does away with the bad and retains all that is good with automation. You basically join a ‘tribe’ of bloggers you like, and tribe members tweet what other members link. It works on the concept of tribe members supporting one another by retweeting each other’s content.

You can moderate the links you are tweeting and have control over the tribes you want to join. Triberr’s biggest appeal is its ability to direct a bigger slice of the online audience to your blog, with help from your tribe who promote it on their Twitter stream. As all members of your tribe are interested in your niche, you have the assurance that quality visitors will visit your site.

Dribbble (with 3 bs)

The web design industry can make the most of a latest offering that goes by the name of ‘Dribble’. The dedicated web design social network caters to designers who want to showcase their work, and seek opinions and feedback from fellow designers. The site is an excellent tool to share your creations with not just people in your industry but the world at large. Dribble also serves as a recruitment platform; it offers you an easy way to find and match candidates with the particular style you are looking for.

Dribble shares a few features with pin-board style content sharing website Pinterest. To feature your designs on the site and be a ‘player’, you need an invite, but you can also be a ‘spectator’ without requiring an invitation. You can also use your favourite projects (“buckets”) to create boards and “comment” on, and “like” them.

Lino It

Lino is a ‘post-it’ note social site that helps you keep track of important tasks and stay organized. It builds on the concept of sticky notes and post-it notes to make task and errand planning easy. There is no limit on the personal boards you can create, and you can access these from any place, your smartphone included. Sharing boards with team members or the site’s public boards apart, you can attach files and post photos and video as well. Lino is a good way to share and organize efficiently.


Though Yammer is not exactly very new, many companies are yet to use it to their advantage. It works like your company’s internal Facebook, even resembling the super-popular site in several ways. Easy to use, Yammer offers benefits in key areas such as productivity, team communication, employee engagement, knowledge-sharing and employee onboarding.

Based on your unique needs, you can trial the discussed platforms to seek out their immense potential and keep up with the speed of social.

Author Bio:This is a guest article by ZK who is the co-founder of an Internet Marketing Blog where accomplished writers and bloggers share their tips, strategies and stories regarding social media and latest technology developmens.

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