Footshox Insoles – The Simple Art of Delighting Customers

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Carolyn Nolte, Customer Service Manager at Footshox, a company that sells insoles and shoe inserts, understands what it takes to seriously impress customers.

I wanted to buy insoles as a promotional give-away for SMX Advanced. She answered me by email telling me what the rate would be for a bulk order. Then when I wanted to followup by phone, I couldn’t, because they’ve got some kind of US-only phone number. So she called me to followup.

When it turned out that I couldn’t buy as many insoles as I expected, she still remained polite and explained to me what their pricing would be etc. As it turned out, I bought a few more insoles than my low estimate, though still less than the initial estimate.

In my note, I mentioned that I needed the insoles by a certain date. Yet my order was precariously close to the date.

At no extra cost to me, Carolyn upgraded the (very affordable and probably not marked-up) shipping to be expedited to insure I got the insoles in time. And then she threw in 4 more pairs of insoles, too!

I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was to have the insoles with me during my SMX presentation, and get a hearty laugh out of the room when I showed them my schwag. And furthermore, it built on my relationships with the great folks at SEOmoz and others in the industry.

Insoles: $…

Shipping: $…

Delight: Priceless.

men's dress insoles Much thanks to Footshox Insoles that help you prevent foot pain, etc. I bought the 3/4 length men’s dress insoles and full size women’s dress insoles. For future reference though, I’d recommend full-length shoe inserts, since the 3/4 ones shift around, especially on hilly terrain like Seattle’s.

p.s. To clarify: Footshox are not a client. I just really liked their customer service and insoles.

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  1. @Gab, I didn't grab any insoles at SMX Advanced as always your presentations are excellent. I would LOVE to go to a major SEO conference in my favorite city, Montreal, although I will most likely see u again at SMX East or PubCon. ,Michael Martin GoogleAndBlog

    Comment by Michael Martin - June 7, 2009 @ 12:16pm
  2. Look forward to catching you at the next show Michael! And thanks for the kind words on my preso :).

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - June 7, 2009 @ 5:09pm

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