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Author: Gab Goldenberg

On TechCrunch, Borgle CEO Eric Schmidt told Charlie Rose that

“Well, the most interesting thing to me is that transparency is how you keep societies honest. And we’ve now because of the internet and because of the digital revolution given people — we’ve essentially given them the ability to see everything.

So you can now take photographs, take videos of everything you see in your world and people discover it. And there are whole communities of people who are interested in these kinds of aspects. And they serve as a form of check and balance on the powerful, the rich, the people who might exploit others.

It doesn’t necessarily mean for a different outcome, but it means that everybody can’t hide. They have to actually tell the truth. To me, that’s a great step forward.”

Here’s the screen cap, so you know I’m not inventing stuff.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Quote Transparency

Have to tell the truth? Why did it take action by the Florida AG before Google started making ringtone advertisers list prices in their ads? Why are the prices on other mobile content crap landing pages still hidden in nearly invisible text only an SEO would notice?

Google Ads IQ Quiz Mobile Content Subscriptions

When you get to this landing page on most people’s screens, the huge headline and graphics (and occasional animation, depending which version of the ad you see) naturally draw your eyes … not the “subscription sent to your cell $9.99 per month” bit.

Mobile Content IQ Quiz Prices Hidden

And why do they let so many scams and snake oil products run on their network?

Google Ads Acai Berry

Google Ads Colon Cleanse

Google Ads Clickbank

Google Ads for Google / Googl Cash

Google Ads for Google Money

This next one took in my sister, as it happens, and she’s one of the brightest, most critical-thinking people I know. This shadier side of affiliate marketing has developed the art of lying and deception to a standard the KGB would be proud of. They don’t just take advantage of gullible people. They manage to trick highly rational people with serious IQs (I know, the IQ quiz thing makes this particularly ironic).

Google Ads for Government Grants

Google needs to come clean. From a business perspective … For their users to keep trusting their ads. For the sake of showing the government that they don’t need to be regulated (though the above obviously shows you can’t trust them to self-regulate). And from a simple moral perspective, because it’s the right thing to do. (P.s. Inspiration hattips: Diorex (on scammy aff) and Aaron Wall (spam if you don’t pay G) and Danny Sullivan (Sphinn).)

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  1. Within the last month I have had conversations with both Facebook and Google about this and received an eerily similar response. It was basically - that they are not responsible for the products being advertised and because of the sheer volume of ads they are unable to police them all although they make a large effort. (which apparently does not include searching for keywords on scams) Then in the same conversation both companies talked about how user experience was critical and if users feel betrayed by the quality of ads they will defect to other services... They are both off their rockers with hypocrisy. I just wish Yahoo and MSN would get their acts together and offer a competing product.

    Comment by Diorex - April 10, 2009 @ 10:03am
  2. While I don't have a rep at Facebook, I completely agree that they're also allowing their system to be polluted for a few fast bucks. I wonder if Eric Schmidt ever Googles "Eric Schmidt"? Perhaps if I keep repeating "Eric Schmidt" Google CEO here, this page will turn up in search results for his name and get some action... As to Yahoo and MSN - amen to that!

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - April 11, 2009 @ 9:14pm
  3. I was going to just post that you're a moron but I really don't have to... If you're sister is "one of the brightest, most critical-thinking people" that you know and fell for a grant offer site... that pretty much proves the point. I'm sure Google and Facebook will really "wake up" after reading this... lol

    Comment by stevie - April 14, 2009 @ 3:00pm
  4. "Perhaps if I keep repeating “Eric Schmidt” Google CEO here, this page will turn up in search results for his name and get some action…" They'll manually push it down the SERPs if that happens. You could probably make it happen too. Can't imagine there's much in anchor competition for "Eric Schmidt."

    Comment by Jorks - April 14, 2009 @ 4:26pm
  5. Advertising is all about selling stuff , from the car you drive to the house you live in. What would the world be like if when a company sold a car , they had to put a sticker in the window "Hey, the cup holder usually falls off at 75k miles and the paint usually fades a few shades too" Or the builder of your home "Hey now, just remember, we used untreated plywood for your subflooring , if you don't dry out large water spots, i'll bow the floor and cause damage." The answer is simple - They don't..... However, becuase of all these self righteous people, advertisers have to have T&C for everything they sell , it's not their problem if people don't read the fine print - Most people don't read the fine print. If advertisers had to sit everyone down and say in a very slow fashion , "Ok bud , this will cost you $9.95" not everyone would do it , becuase it KILLS EXCITEMENT ABOUT THE PRODUCT!

    Comment by 20 Year Billionaire - April 16, 2009 @ 9:18am
  6. The difference between the car dealer and home builder and the affiliates hawking the above junk is that people BUY cars and BUY homes - they know that there's a cost. The excitement is that people think they're getting something free. I forgot to mention it, but "FREE CREDIT REPORTS" that actually sell you an identity protection subscription in the fine print are false advertising. How would you like to go to the supermarket, be offered a free apple, accept it, then get an orange and a bill for $20?

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - April 16, 2009 @ 10:11pm

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