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Author: Gab Goldenberg

I get into:

  • widget ecommerce, where people can buy directly off an affiliate’s site through secure, embedded widgets,
  • price match guarantees on shipping to avoid folks abandoning their cart at checkout to go see if other retailers ship for less,
  • alternative payment methods such as cell phone minutes and how cell phones may become the credit cards of the future.

The audio’s not perfect because I had to re-record it due to a little lag between the video and audio in the original, where my lips moved a split second before the audio was heard. (I’m faster than the speed of sound! ;))

Would love to hear your reactions!

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  1. Are those Harry Potter books on your shelf there Gab? :-)

    Comment by richardbaxterseo - January 26, 2009 @ 11:29am
  2. They are indeed - I'm a huge fan. UK versions too, afaik. Nicer covers and proper coloUrs ;)

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - January 26, 2009 @ 1:44pm
  3. re: shipping price guarantee. surely you will be prompting the people who would not think to find cheaper shipping from competitiors to actually leave your site, find a better deal possibly purchase somewhere else (as they would generally need to fill a cart, to find out exact shipping) or just abandon the purchase altogether. i read somewhere (wish i could find the link) that coupon boxes have the same effect, it will prompt someone to leave and search for a coupon or abandon the buy as they are frustrated that they know there is a way of getting something for less but were unable to do so.

    Comment by jltrm - February 11, 2009 @ 8:10pm

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