A Simple Formula To Easily Create Successful Banner Ads: AIDA

Author: Gab Goldenberg

The classic formula for copywriters, AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action – can be applied easily with banner ads. I’m thinking of 125×125 ads and larger here, so microbanner advertisers may find this more challenging – but then, why are you using microbanners to begin with?

Attention: Frame 1: Ask a question that relates to the prospect’s need. “Want more sales, more easily?”

Interest: Frame 2: State your benefit. “Avoid struggling to convince leads – let them beg you to buy.”

Desire: Frame 3: Match your product to the benefit, and explain why it delivers that benefit. “Our whitepaper shows how to find prospects looking for your products.”

Action: Frame 4: Invite them to do what you want. “Get it here, free until __rotating deadline 2 weeks in the future__..”

“Want to improve your game faster?”

“Don’t let egg-shaped balls slow you down.”

“Our soccer balls’ redistributes pressure evenly thus keeping its shape.”

“Click here to watch this video proof.”

Of course, your product and landing page still has to pull through. But these easy steps may make your banner buy an easily measurable ROAS driven spend, rather than a more challenging to measure brand buy that just features your logo.

Tip: Don’t trip over your own two feet by getting too clever – highlight one problem/benefit pair per ad. Not several, because then you’ll lack space, try and cram it all in and end up incoherent.

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