Want To Sponsor Development Of A New WP Plugin For OutWikipediaing Wikipedia’s SEO?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

I’m looking for feature sponsors to help cover the programming costs of a new WP plugin I’ve been working on. It’s not a competitor to All In One SEO Pack or Yoast’s WP SEO, but provides new functionality that so far hasn’t existed. It will be given away free to the web community once completed.

Read on for details on the plugin.

To sponsor, contact me. Cost is $150 per sponsorship (one-time, obviously; it’s for programming costs) and we’ve already got 6/15 sponsorships taken. You’ll get a credit on the plugin page including your logo and a link to wherever you choose, as well as advanced access to current and future betas. (Yes, the link is dofollow, no, you’re not buying a link. You’re covering programming costs. )

The SEO problem this tackles: Blogs can only include so many posts on a category page before you need to paginate. And if you paginate, posts on page 2 etc won’t get as much link juice. Sure, you can set posts to appear that to 100 posts, but then the category page will take a while to load which isn’t ideal either.

I offered a few solutions to this problem in my advanced SEO book, one of which was:

Consolidate posts on a specific topic into a single authority article.

1) You get an in-depth authority article that is more likely to attract links than smaller bits of info.
2) The link juice from those articles consolidates onto 1 page, making it more competitive.
3) There are more possible longtail combinations to hit, effectively outWikipediaing Wikipedia…
4) You reduce the number of posts and thus have more PageRank flowing from the categories into posts . Also, you reduce the need for pagination.

Problem is this demands a fair bit of manual work…

Unless you automated it.

Oh wait! That’s what the plugin does. Help you create authority articles from your smaller pieces and consolidate the content like Wikipedia, creating authority articles instead of stubs.

Some key features:

– Include any post in another with a simple shortcode.

– 301 redirect a post

– Add a right or left aligned table of contents, Wikipedia style

– Removes redirected articles from the homepage, category archives and sitemaps: PageRank concentrates across fewer links

If interested, contact me.

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