Pulling The Ole Switcharoo To Beat The Captcha Cracka Bots

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Spam with Stinky French Garlic by jalb If you’re using captchas to protect your forms, or other forms of logic, you’re probably finding that you’re still getting spammed despite the captcha.
Well, here is a new idea for you to beat those captcha cracka bots, and some ways to implement it.

In short, we’re going to give bots different instructions than we give to humans. The bots don’t yet recognize and decode audio. Likewise they don’t yet handle video. And presumably they don’t crack every image on a page. So what you can do is record audio/video instructions or draw some instructions that the bot won’t be able to figure out – only the humans who understand you will make it through your form.

Some possible implementations of this :
1. Include several captchas on the page and indicate, via an audio recording, which one needs to be cracked. If they’re all cracked, or the wrong one is cracked, you know a bot did it.CAPTCHA Trial

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by herzogbr
2. Include captchas, logic questions and some other security device, and indicate via an audio recording that plays after a few seconds, which puzzle needs solving.
3. Again, include captchas but make a separate custom image/animated banner pointing to a random word or string on the page. The word or string is what needs to be entered in the captcha box.

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  1. Gabriel, you have included some very good ideas here. Can you suggest any open source code that is available to implement some of them? I have searched and there are plenty for plain image capture but not for the combination you recommend.

    Comment by Michael Pedzotti - July 19, 2010 @ 9:02am
  2. I'm not familiar, Michael. My best suggestion would be to hire some freelance programmers via Odesk or something, and have them custom-code it.

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - July 19, 2010 @ 1:59pm

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