Andrew Warner Interview (Mixergy Founder)

Author: Gab Goldenberg is one of my new faourite sites, because it’s got a huge archive of high quality interviews with fascinating people! The guy making it happen first and foremost is Andrew Warner, whom I got to interview. Here’s what we discussed.

Andrew Warner1) Which interview have you most enjoyed doing and why?

I knew I wanted to do interviews with entrepreneurs after I interviewed my friend Rosalind Resnick. She built a company from her house with no outside money and took it public. It was an inspiring story about what could be done in business. Even though I knew her for years, it wasn’t until I interviewed her that I learned the full story. I learned that interviewing will make me aware of just how much I don’t know and help me fill in those knowledge gaps.

2) What feedback have people given you in terms of the value they get from you site?

In many of my interviews, I say, “I’m doing this so you, the listener, could learn how to build a business from those who’ve done it. My goal is for you to take as much as you can from these programs and go out there and build something incredible. Then, hopefully, you’ll come back and do an interview with me and teach others.” I’m finally starting to see that happen. If you listen to many of my latest interviews with successful entrepreneurs, you’ll hear them say that they’ve been listening and now want to give back by helping others.

3) If you could improve 2 things about Mixergy, what would they be?

A. I’d like to find a way to have the audience pull out the key points from each interview. Hidden in those hour-long interviews are simple, usable insights. I need help highlighting them, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

B. I’d like to write better headlines. Each interview is thousands of words long, but the 7 to 10 words in the headline will decide if all those others will get noticed.

4) You’re really energetic in videos and engaging; is that a TV personality that you find necessary to keep people’s attention, or do you interact with people like that normally?

I’m more energetic in real life. I haven’t figured out how to bring my personal energy to the interviews and make it feel natural. In my old videos, when I tried being my high-energy-self, I sounded like a mental patient who had too much Red Bull. So I’ve slowed down.

5) What’s your vision for what you’d like to be doing over the next 12 months?

I’d like to pull out more key ideas from my interviews and make each one more useful.

6) How about the next 3 years?

Not sure.

7) I’ve noticed you have various collaborators who help with the site; how do you draw talented people to work with you and motivate them to keep working with you?

They’re all volunteers who’ve heard my work and offered to help. I’m very lucky to have their support and do whatever I can to make sure they get more value from the work than they put into it.

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