About SEO ROI Services

Gabriel Goldenberg

My name is Gabriel Goldenberg and SEO ROI Services is my SEO company. Read on for company information. Click “Gab Goldenberg” for information about me.

My start in SEO

I got into SEO by accident. I grew up in a family where politics were always discussed around the breakfast table with the morning paper, or during family dinners. So it was only natural that, when I turned 18, I wanted to impact the federal election.

So I created a blog to promote my opinions. I read up on internet marketing and applied what I learned to my blog. I ranked for my keywords within 4 months and was hooked from then on.

Starting to take SEO seriously

With the passing of time, I began working on other people’s sites and gained notoriety. Here’s a short list of some highlights along the way, in roughly chronological order:

  1. I ranked the Hotel de Paris, a Montreal hotel, for a number of short-tail and medium-tail terms and tripled year-over-year online sales in the process.
  2. Microsoft offered me a position on its SEM team.
  3. I ranked a product site of LaughingBird Software within 2 months of getting them their first link.
  4. First big speaking engagement: I spoke at SMX West. February 2008.
  5. Matt Cutts of Google recognized me as the second person to notice a new form of crawling. It feels good when Google staff calls you a leader :).
  6. My big press break: La Presse, Montreal’s biggest French-language daily newspaper, profiled Emile Girard and me in a story on young entrepreneurs (PDF, opens in new tab).
  7. I signed up Ice.com, a member of the Internet Retailer 500 list of largest online stores, as a client. This was also a great learning opportunity, as I learned to use some enterprise marketing software.
  8. I wrote the first advanced SEO book

My current business

Since then, things have only gotten better.

I have

– Spoken a fair bit: at SMX Advanced 2008 and 2009, SMX West 2009, and Affiliate Summit East 2009. And I had to decline to speak at SMX East, Pubcon Las Vegas and Affiliate Convention.

– Gotten job offers, from both local Canadian competitors as well as from well known American SEO companies like Jim Boykin’s We Build Pages.

– Continued to do client work when I think it will be fun and lucrative. Currently that either means doing SEO consultations with small-medium businesses to answer their questions, or buying / building links. I’m open to projects where I will learn something new.

– Written for numerous publications:

– Been seen in the press, including some nice interviews:

My client list includes:

  • lesser known outfits like the Government of Canada,
  • ecommerce outfits like Ice.com and web analytics company Conversion Ruler,
  • mom and pop shops

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