3 WordPress Themes Marketing Managers Will Love

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Marketing managers looking for highly effective WordPress themes to promote their business’ website can start with the themes below

1. UDesign Theme:

UDesign is among the most user-friendly templates WordPress offers. Anything can be changed and adapted in order to develop a website ideal for their tastes. There are 11 customizable widgets, home page sliders, and a variety of forms you can use. This is, in short, the easiest template to use in order to get a professional-looking, custom made website in as little time possible.

The UDesign theme can be found on ThemeForest.net where they boast that it is their number one seller.

It is liked for its ease of use and it was designed with SEO in mind so you can limit the amount of SEO plugins you need to install. The use of the jQuery in its development provides great slide features for video and presentations. It comes with the use of over 500 fonts and different backgrounds so the customization capabilities are almost endless.

2. Enfinity Theme:

Enfinity is a powerful WordPress theme designed to be compatible with several ecommerce plugins such as WooCommerce, widgets such as price table generators, menus, and contact lists, and an amazing amount of customizability. Every option you could possibly want is present, and potentially some you were not aware that you wanted.

One noted downside of Enfinity is that the power and robustness comes at a cost – you may see some performance problems on lower-end servers.

Given the cost of the theme and its intended clientele, this should not be an issue when it comes to putting this powerful and elegant theme to work. The Enfinity theme is a definite option for a business looking to expand their website’s capabilities and appearance. You can find this theme over at Pixadelic Themes .

3. Modernize

Modernize delivers a broad range of features, including a Page Builder and an unlimited sidebar; there are virtually an unlimited number of colors and layouts you can choose from when it comes time to start setting things up.

There are also widgets designed for consumers to share the site via social media, hundreds of fonts to choose from and three image sliders. What better way to harness the creative genius within your company than to design an Internet site for your business which is sleek, chic and modern? Themeforest Themes also sell the regular and extended usage right for the Modernize theme . This theme displays well across multiple screen resolutions, which is ever more important these days with the array of devices available.

In short, while there are many options on the Internet market today for marketing WordPress themes, UDesign, Enfinity and Modernize are three of the best to date. They are user-friendly, highly creative, and allow businesses to showcase their business’ marketing potential with just a few simple mouse clicks. All of these websites allow designers to plug in to the available options with very little issue, and have widgets available which allow you to tap into the power of not only the Internet, but of social media as well.

This is a guest post by my friends at Who Is Hosting This .

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  1. As a marketing manager who inherited a site on one of the themes you mentioned I really urge you to reconsider your recommendations. These types of themes are terrible for any real business site. Every feature in a premium theme has a performance hit. 75% of the features on these themes won't be used in most situations. But that's not an issue because you only need a good performance plugin to fix things right? Sadly, all of the Javascript and CSS files flying around causes things like JS and CSS minification to break the theme. We have the theme in question down to 3-4 seconds load time using a CDN and expensive hosting with a very light load (b2b), but I get the same thing on personal sites with three dollar hosting. You know the old-time marketing saying, "only 20 percent of my advertising is working, but I don't know which 20 percent"? Well, "only 20 percent of my javascript is breaking my site, but I don't know which 20 percent." And the theme in question uses a responsive framework, but they removed all of the code that makes it responsive. Is that important? Mobile traffic for the site in question is low single-digits percentage-wise when mobile accounts for 30% of web traffic on average. If you are in a serious business, get a bare-bones responsive theme and use Wordpress' excellent selection of plugins. If a plugin doesn't work, you can swap it out easily. If a theme doesn't work, you've got a lot more work to do. I have more reasons to dislike premium themes, but this comment has run too long. I hope whatever theme you pick looks nice and shiny when you choose it and doesn't get in your way as your business matures.

    Comment by Damon - December 20, 2012 @ 4:07am
  2. Fascinating point there Damon, and thanks for sharing. What theme was it? Re: Js and CSS minification breaking down, I thought that kind of thing is due to forgetting ';' at the end of statements? This is compensated for pre-minification, but not once the code is mini. As to 3-4 seconds load time, not sure if you mean that is good or bad? "Mobile traffic for the site in question is low single-digits percentage-wise when mobile accounts for 30% of web traffic on average." - Playing devil's advocate, that in itself is only significant if the site's demographic is representative of the web. What if it's an older demo? Or less tech savvy? Etc... In any case, you make some great points, n hopefully the guest poster (Charles Dearing) will respond.

    Comment by Gabriel Goldenberg - December 20, 2012 @ 4:00pm
  3. Hi Damon, I am not sure for which theme you are talking about, anyway basically these themes are perfect for people who don't want to spend too much time on searching for plugins and are not too comfortable with coding. Of course if someone really wants the best performance and make his site appear in whatever way he wants one of the best choises would be a thesis customization but it really depends on the time or money someone wants to spend and usually marketers and businessmen prefer to not spend too much time on things like web designing. However let us know which theme causes the problems you mentioned...

    Comment by Charles Dearing - December 21, 2012 @ 9:20am

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