These Surprising, Deep-Data Backed PPC Tips Can Make Mobile Ridiculously Profitable For You

I had the pleasure of interviewing Erin Sagin of Wordstream. She’s a brilliant marketer that’s having a big impact in managing Wordstream’s PPC clients accounts, and was kind enough to share some gems on mobile PPC and retargeting. She shared pearls of wisdom that aren’t just based on opinion, but objectively gathered statistics that really impress you with their meaning.

Here’s the video, see below the vid for some highlights of what you’ll learn by watching.

For example, did you know that about a third of mobile website visitors would click to your desktop site if given the option? That’s what they found in a test across three clients. The conclusion: offer the mobile app (it’s typically done on a higher production value than the mobile site) to those visitors, as a temporary band aid until you fix the mobile site, or likewise use click-to-call campaigns with no horrible landing page to ruin the conversion.

Similarly to that, Erin’s got some striking stats on what’s really happening with people’s retargeting ad fatigue, impression caps and more.

Worstream posts mentioned in the video:

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2 thoughts on “These Surprising, Deep-Data Backed PPC Tips Can Make Mobile Ridiculously Profitable For You

  1. Every 3rd mobile user clicks on desktop version link? I have provided the mobile app download option before but the conversion rate is super low. Out of 200-300 visitors only 1 would care to click on the Google play store link.

    I would love to know one can optimize the page for more app installs

    1. The desktop version link is not the same as the mobile app download link. You need to compare apples to apples…

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